Department of Arts

The Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht is a department of the Government of Ireland. The mission of the department is to contribute to the economic, social and cultural progress of Irish society.

Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce, formally set up as a separate entity in 1967, has imbibed the DSE tradition of exploring new frontiers of knowledge and innovation in academics. In its history spanning over three decades, it has redefined commerce education in the country.

Department of Hindi

The Department of Hindi is the one and only prime institution of this region for learning and teaching of Hindi. The department from the very first day is seriously and sincerely engaged in making Hindi popular. Department is teaching hindi according to the UGC syllabi and guidelines. It is preparing students for NET/SET/JRF also.

Department of Sanskrit

The Department of Sanskrit aims to train students who are oriented towards research and teaching in advanced areas of Vedanta, Nyaya, Yoga and Sahitya.

Department of History

The Department of History teaching programme is designed to provide students with a broad overview of world history narrowing down to focus on the history of India with special emphasis on socio-economic and cultural history.

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics exploring the concepts, ideas, and results of mathematics is a fascinating topic. For example, complex numbers arose in the study of the solution of cubic polynomials.

Department of Science

The Department of science is the study of the development of science and scientific knowledge. Science is a body of empirical, theoretical, and practical knowledge about the natural world, produced by scientists who emphasize the observation, explanation, and prediction of real world phenomena.

Department of English

The department of English in the campus is striving for enrichment of the language and providing in depth aesthetic knowledge and an eagerness to appreciate the language in its ingenuity to the students who come here to avail themselves of the course.

Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science has been attempting to decentre the notions and practices of the political from its conventional moorings in Eurocentric thought and history.

Department of Phy. Education

The Department of Physical Education is well equipped with modern infrastructure. Sports are in fact a way of life for the students conscious of health fitness. A well implemented, comprehensive programme is an essential component to the growth of both mind and body.

Department of Economics

The Department of Economics are focused on proper blending of 'quality' and 'relevance'. This is sought to be achieved by periodic updating of syllabi in conformity with the advancement of the knowledge in the subject, introducing new courses from time to time and making tutorials more effective by establishing close student - teacher contact.

Faculty of Humanity

Department of Hindi Ph No
1. Dr. Geeta Yadav (Head) M.A., M.Phil., Ph.d ,NET 9466025026
2. * Ms. Jyoti M.A.
Department of Sanskrit
1. Dr. Jai Singh (Head) M.A., M.Phil, Ph.d, SLET 9416288288
Department of History
1. Dr. S.N. Singh (Head) M.A., Ph.d. 9728122220
Department of Mathematics
1. Mrs. Sunita KalraM.Sc Math8901452046
2. * Mrs. Rajni M.Sc.
3. * Ms AnitaM.Sc.
Department of Home Science
1. Mrs. Priti Dhankhar (Head)M.Sc. NET9467277160
Department of English
1. * Mrs. Anju YadavM.A.
2. * Mrs. Yadav Munni Devi M.A.
Department of Political Science
1. * Ms. SimranM.A.
Department of Physical Education
1. *Mrs. Sunita KumariM.Ped.
Department of Economics
1. *Mrs. AmritaM.A., M.Phil
Faculty of Commerce
1. *Mr. Pardeep Kumar (Head)M.Com, M.B.A., M.Phil. NET9896320134
2. *Ms. NishuM.Com, NET
3. *Ms. NeetuM.Com, NET
Faculty of Computer Application
1. * Mrs. Kusum Lata M.C.A.
• *The Faculty is on Contractual Basis

Administrative Committee 2019-20

Advisory Committee
1. Dr. Jai SinghChairman
2. Dr. S.N. SinghMember
3. Dr. Geeta YadavMember
4. Mrs. Sunita KalraMember
5. Mrs. Priti DhankharMember
Examination / Attendance/ internal Assessment/ Scholarship and Timetable
1.Dr Geeta YadavConvener
2.Ms. NeetuMember
3.Mrs. AmritaMember
4.Ms SimranMember
5.Mrs Suresh KumariMember
Publication and publicity
1.Mrs Sunita KalraConvener
2.Mr. Pradeep KumarMember
3.Ms Anita YadavMember
4.Mrs. Amrita Member
Discipline And Vigilance
1.Mrs. Sunita KalraConvener
2.Mrs. Sunita KumariMember
3.Ms. SimranMember
Grievance and Redressal and Sexual Harassment cell
1.Mrs. Priti DhankharConvener
2.Mr. Pardeep KumarMember
3.Ms. KusumlataMember
4.Ms. JyotiMember
1.Dr Geeta YadavConvener
2.Mrs RajniMember
3.Ms Anita YadavMember
4.Mr Pradeep KumarMember
Purchase And Construction Committee
1.Dr.S.N. SinghConvener
2.Mrs. Sunita kalraMember
3.Mr. Pardeep KumarMember
4.Mr. Ramesh ChandraMember
Library Committee
1.Mrs Sunita KalraConvener
2.Mrs. Sunita KumariMember
3.Ms. SimranMember
4.Mrs Anju YadavMember
Hawan/ Prayer/Sports Committee
1.Mrs. Sunita KumariConvener
2.Ms NeetuMember
3.Mr Pardeep KumarMember
4.Mrs Suresh DeviMember
5.Mrs Bimla YadavMember
6.Mr YoginderMember
R.T.I./ Election Nodal Officer
1.Dr. S.N.SinghConvener
2.Mr Ramesh ChandraMember
3.Mrs. Priti DhankharMember
NAAC Committee
1.Dr. S.N. SinghConvener
2.Dr. Geeta YadavMember
3.Mrs. Sunita kalraMember
4.Mr. Pardeep KumarMember
5.Mrs. KusumlataMember
6.Mr. Ramesh ChandraMember
7.Mr. Pardeep KumarMember
1.Dr S N SinghNodal Officer
2.Dr Geeta YadavBA/B.Com-I
3.Mrs Sunita KalraBA/B.Com-II
4.Mrs Priti DhankharBA/B.Com-III