About Us

»  President’s Message

DAV has been making a significant contribution to the society through spreading value-based education keeping the ancient Vedic heritage in mind. If fact, it is the only organization which has set high standards in education while maintaining a balance between Vedic wisdom and modernity.
The organization runs and manages 780 educational institutions comprising of public schools, grant-in-aid colleges and schools, institutes of professional education and research institutions all over India and abroad. Recently, the organization has taken one step forward by initiating the project of DAV University at Jalandhar, Punjab.
Presently, DAV has taken some crucial steps in its pursuit of excellence. Some of these are: Modernization of infrastructure in schools and colleges, Introducing technology in teaching- learning process, Creating a network of people all over the globe through Alumni Foundation, Strengthening Vedic virtues etc.
While DAV feels proud of its achievements, it is yet not contented. Its vision is to be crowned as the finest educational organization in the world. Its mission is man-making, dispelling ignorance, imparting knowledge and building Vedic values. Our success in this endeavor has the potential of making our society free from prejudices and vices.
We, the members of DAV fraternity, believe that the best way to bring a change is to initiate it. With this belief, we have continually engaged over more than 128 years in a relentless endeavor to grow and develop into a pioneer organization in the filed of education.

Shri Punam Suri
DAV CMC, New Delhi

»  Principal’s Message

It gives me immense pleasure to congratulate you on choosing DAV Girls College, Tehsil Road, Kosli for admission and also welcome you to the college. Girls Students who get higher education are a privileged class in our country, particularly those who have the opportunity of studying in some outstanding institution as this college.
This college has had a distinguished history. During more than twenty years of its existence we have produced a number of academicians, artists and sportspersons of national repute. Even this year we have achieved outstanding results in academic, sports and co-curricular activities. Our faculty is making exceptional contribution in research in various disciplines and other out-reaches programs.
We should also strengthen ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually so that we can serve others willingly, graciously and selflessly because in serving others we serve God.
Aristotle rightly said that educating of mind without educating the heart is not education at all. Along with imparting sound knowledge to our students we also instill moral values and principles.
We train our students to be morally upright, socially responsible and environment friendly in order to ensure a bright future of out country.

»  Vision

Inspired by Swami Dayanand Saraswati’s vision of the potential in women and the need to educate and empower them. This college envisions to provide a district environment of excellence in education with humane values and social commitment to girls and to enable them to reach their full potential as human beings individually and as members of the society.
To instill, in young students rational perspective, positive mind set. Innovative thinking integrated personality, self-esteem and sense of responsibility.

»  Mission

Education has a two-fold function to perform in the life of a person, the one is service to society and the other is to upload our valuable culture. We must enable a woman to become more efficient and achieve with increasing facility the legitimate goals of her life by adopting these quintessence of life. Education must also prepare and lead the young women towards swift, steadfast and effectual thinking, views and judgments.

»  Club and Societies 2014-15

Student Welfare
1. Mrs. Priti Dhankhar Convener
2. Mr. Pardeep Kumar Member
3. Mrs. Nisha YadavMember
4. Mrs. KusumLata Member
5. Mrs. Parmila YadavMember
National Service Scheme
1. Mrs. Neetu YadavProgramme officer- 1
2. Mrs. Parmila YadavProgramme officer- 2
National Cadet Corps
1. Mrs. Manjeeta Yadav Care Taker
Legal Literacy Cell
1. Mrs. Neetu YadavConvener
2. Ms. Ritu YadavMember
Women Cell and Career Council
1. Mrs. Priti DhankharConvener
2. Mrs. Parmila YadavMember
3. Mrs. Neeti YadavMember
4. Mrs. PritiMember
Red Cross/ Red Ribbon Club
1. Mrs. Parmila YadavConvener
2. Mrs. Neetu YadavMember
3. Mrs. Manjeeta YadavMember
Literary Association
1. Dr. Jai SinghHindi
2. Dr. Geeta YadavSanskrit
Commerce Association
1. Mr. Pardeep KumarConvener
2. Mrs. Neeti YadavMember
Alumni Association
1. Dr. Geeta YadavConvener
2. Dr. S.N.SinghMember
Tour & Trip
1. Dr. S.N. SinghConvener
2. Mrs. KusumlataMember
3. Mrs. Neeti YadavMember

»  Administrative Committee 2014-15

Advisory Committee
1. Dr. Jai SinghChairman
2. Dr. S.N. SinghMember
3. Dr. Geeta YadavMember
4. Mrs. Sunita KalraMember
5. Mrs. Priti DhankharMember
Examination / Attendance/ internal Assessment/ Scholarship and Timetable
1. Mrs. Sunita Kalra Convener
2. Mr. Pardeep KumarMember
3.Mrs. Parmila YadavMember
4. Mr. Pardeep Kumar Clerk
Publication and publicity
1. Dr. Geeta YadavConvener
2. Mrs. Kavita Member
3. Ms. RituMember
4. Mrs. Neeti YadavMember
Discipline And Vigilance
1. Dr. S.N.Singh
2. Mrs. Manjeeta YadavMember
3. Mrs. NishaMember
Grievance and Redressal and Sexual Harassment cell
1. Mrs. Priti DhankharConvener
2. Mrs. Parmila YadavMember
3. Ms. Neeti YadavMember
4. Mrs. Priti KumariMember
Purchase And Construction Committee
1. Dr.S.N. SinghConvener
2. Mrs. Sunita kalraMember
3. Mr. Pardeep KumarMember
4. Mr. Ramesh Chandra Member
Library Committee
1. Dr. Geeta YadavConvener
2. Mrs. Parmila YadavMember
3. Mrs. Nisha YadavMember
4. Mrs. Anita YadavMember
Sports Committee
1. Mrs. Manjeeta YadavConvener
2. Dr. Pardeep KumarMember
3. Mrs. Anita YadavMember
R.T.I./ Election Nodal Officer
1. Dr. S.N.SinghConvener
2. Mrs. Neetu YadvMember
3. Mrs. Priti Kumari Member
NAAC Committee
1. Dr. S.N. SinghConvener
2. Dr. Geeta YadavMember
3. Mrs. Sunita kalraMember
4. Mr. Pardeep KumarMember
5. Mrs. KusumlataMember
6. Mr. Ramesh ChandraMember
7. Mr. Pardeep KumarMember

»  Governing Body for the year 2014, 2015, 2016

1.Sh Punam SuriPresident
2.Dr S. K. SamaVice- President
3.Sh R.S. SharmaGeneral Secretary
4.Sh Rajender NathTreasurer
5.Sh T.N. ChaturvediMember
6.Sh Prabodh MahajanMember
7.Sh Shrideep OmcheriMember
8.Dr N K UberoiMember
9.Sh K S Arya Member
10.Sh M L SekhriMember
11.Sh H R GandharMember
12.Dr Satish Kumar SharmaMember
13.Dr (Mrs) Neelam KamraMember
14.Dr (Mrs) Punit BediMember
15.Mrs Rekha BhardwajMember
16.Mrs Geeta SharmaDirector General H EC Haryana Nominee
17.Dr Surinder KumarMDU V.C. Nominee
18.Dr S N SinghTeaching Rep.
19.Mrs Priti DhankharTeaching Rep.
20.Sh Ramesh ChandraNon-teaching Rep.

»  Managing Committee

Sh Punam Suri President
Dr S K Sama Vice-President
Shri S.N. Munjal Vice-President
Shri T.N. Chaturvedi Vice-President
Shri T.R. Gupta Vice-President
Shri Shreedeep Omchary Vice-President
Shri Prabodh Mahajan Vice-President
Shri Rajender Nath Vice-President
Shri Ram Nath Sehgal Vice-President
Dr N.K. Oberoi Vice-President
Dr. S. S. Khanna Vice-President
Shri Mohan Lal Vice-President
Shri M.L. Sekhari Vice-President
Sh S.P. Lohia Vice-President
Sardar Joginder Singh Vice-President
Justice N.K. Sood (Retd) Vice-President
Justice Amarjit Singh Chaudhry Vice-President
Shri R.S. Sharma General Secretary
Sh Ravinder Kumar Secretary
Dr S.R. Arora Secretary
Shri J.K. Kapur Secretary
Shri Karan Khanna Secretary
Shri Ravinder Talwar Secretary
Shri Ramesh Kumar Leekha Secretary
Shri H. L. Bhatia Secretary
Shri Bal Kishan Mittal Secretary
Shri Satpal Arya Secretary
Shri Arvind Ghai Secretary
Shri Mahesh Chopra Hony. Treasurer
Shri S. M. Gupta Hony. Treasurer
Shri R.K. Sethi Hony. Treasurer
Dr M.C. Sharma Hony. Treasurer
Shri J.K. Luthra Hony. Treasurer
Shri D.V. Sethi Hony. Treasurer